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Betsy Sansby Online Relationship Coach

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New Relationships

Building a strong foundation
  • • You're getting married
  • • You just moved in together
  • • You want to establish relationship habits you can build on
  • • You want to communicate more effectively
  • • You can't decide whether to commit or split
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$175/60-MIN   $260/90-MIN

Couples & Parents

Changing for the better together
  • • You want to feel connected
  • • You don't feel understood
  • • You avoid important topics to avoid upsetting each other
  • • You want to be appreciated 
  • • You want to break bad habits
  • • You want to be great role models for your kids
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Setting goals and taking action
  • • You're feeling isolated
  • • You want help writing a great dating profile
  • • You've got great intentions, but need a plan and a push
  • You want to understand what you're doing wrong
  • • You're willing to change but can't get your partner onboard
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$175/60MIN   $260/90MIN

Fun-Size Sessions

15-min phone
  • • You need advice fast
  • • You don't want to make things worse
  • • You want to say something but need help saying it
  • • You need to understand  what you did wrong
  • • You don't know which tool to use
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Betsy Sansby Online Relationship Coach
I give

Are We a Fit?

If you want a fast-paced, action-oriented, skill-building approach to improving your relationship, I can help. I've created tools that––with consistent practice––will make talking about any issue you're struggling with a whole lot easier. During our time together, my role won't be to mediate or solve a particular problem. My goal will be to empower you to approach any problem with more patience, less drama, and over time, great skill. If this sounds good, let's get started.

Expect me to...

Catch on Fast
Notice what others have missed
Understand what's at stake
Tell you what I really think
Give you tools that help right away
Hold you accountable
Betsy Sansby Online Relationship Coach

Don't expect me to...

Sit and nod
Ignore the elephant
Hold back
Take sides
Get lost in the details
Work harder than you do